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Yue Fei Culture & Media

Yue Fei Culture & Media's ("Yue Fei") goal is to invest and to produce quality motion pictures. Below are the movies we have invested:

  • Career as a Mercenary (狼群)

A modern Chinese military action film directed by Jiang Cong and starring Zhang Jin, Li Zhiting and Jiang Luxia. The film was shot in multiple countries and is expected to be released in 2022.

The trailer can be viewed at:

  • My Friend Tommy

A doc, with strong US comedy style, about a 35 old virgin who sets out on a quest across the US with his friends to discover his adulthood. Featured by several celebrities including NBA super star Shaquille O'Neal. For details, please see:

  • The Modelizer

Hollywood romantic comedy starring the famous Thai actor Nichkhun and American Asian actor Byron Mann. The film is directed by Keoni Waxman and has started shooting in 2020.

Details can be seen:

我的佣兵生涯 poster.jpg
My Friend Tommy header.jpg
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